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Online Course Objectives
Learn the fundamentals of creating the perfect presentation. Discover how to create the content, deliver the presentation perfectly, and interact with the audience to create the element that will make you stand out!

Online Course Description
Through this course, you will learn from the expert the steps involved in delivering a compelling and powerful presentation. Through this course, you will be able to grasp the foundations of creating your slides, the common mistakes, and the tips that you should apply for an impactful presentation.

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A Presentation Make or Break

“Communications Skills” is a phrase repeatedly used in job descriptions and resumes. One of the most important communication skills is the ability to present your ideas clearly. These skills – or the lack of them – can make or break an individual’s career. That is where Presentation Coaching comes in valuable.

Presentation Coaching is so important for personal growth and company growth! Gaining confidence in yourself helps you to communicate better with others in both small and large groups. Adding value to a company and staff is what it comes down to for corporate presentation coaching and skills taught in our courses.

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The Solution

To combat the above fears, learn more about presenting. It takes knowledge, time and practice to become an effective communicator.

The Problem

Two of the greatest drawbacks to an effective presentation are lack of confidence and lack of technical expertise. Also, things sometimes don’t go as planned, as this video shows! Please watch the videos as they are great examples to consider.

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Audience Alive Presentation Coaching Courses

Our courses have been developed to help increase knowledge about the fundamentals of effective presentations, learn new skills and techniques on putting presentations together, and become acquainted with the latest the world of multimedia technology has to offer us. Below are the areas the courses cover:


Writing a script

Filter and condense

Start with the end in mind

Keep it simple

The art of story telling

Examples of great speeches

Lessons from Steve Jobs



Acquiring confidence

Show your passion

Start strong

Keep it short

Remember the “B” key

Make good eye contact

Voice – tone, pitch, projection


Keep it simple

Limit bullet points & text

Limit transitions & builds

Where to find great images

Use appropriate charts

Using video effectively

Learn amazing animations


Event Apps

Prezi, Keynote

Voting Apps

Electronic Voting Systems

Augmented Reality


Registration Systems

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