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We empowered the audience at Arab Hope Makers event with interactive voting technology!

Interactive Voting Technology used effectively at the Arab Hope Makers Event

The Arab Hope Makers were selected from over 65,000 participants from 22 countries, who all dedicate their lives to spreading hope and helping communities as well as those less fortunate throughout the Arab World. The original submissions were narrowed down to 20 finalists, who were invited to Dubai in May to discuss their humanitarian work further. A jury selected the five finalists who attended the event.

At the ceremony, both a jury and the audience were invited to vote for one Arab Hope Maker. We supported the event by providing our voting devices to 2,500 attendees to give them the opportunity to voice who they believed should win the award of 1 Million Dirhams. The event was held at the Dubai Studio City’s “Sound Stage”.

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Sheikh Mohammed honored the Hope Makers in front of a packed audience, including ministers, officials and media professionals. Although audience participated in the voting to select one winner along with Jury’s decision based on a point system. Sheikh Mohammed decided to extend the award to all five nominees in a moment that astounded the whole crowd. The surprise award left the audience breathless and brought them to their feet in a spontaneous moment of acclaim.

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