Presentation Training For Kids

$1,000.00 US

There is Life after Death-by-PowerPoint for your kids. Teach them effective graphics skills and advanced presentation know-how from the masters in their field Audience Alive.


Public speaking is the number one fear in the world. When asked, a lot of adults refer back to earlier bad experiences. So we thought we’d deal with this at source!. If your child learns this crucial skill in their childhood you will help them to avoid being fearful about speaking in public. Children approach things often in a fearless way. Thus, the sooner you start teaching your child public speaking skills the better. Speaking in front of people – taught at an early age – might help them to become great communicators and leaders one day. Buy Presentation Training for kids – your kids will gain a skill and asset that they will keep for the rest of their life.

The Story mountain / Use amazing analogies / Ban Bullet Points / Use Images / Dress up numbers
Get confidence / Be passionate / Start strong / Keep it short / Make good eye contact / Voice – prosody, pitch, projection
Start with a question / Fun engagement tools like catchbox (throwable mic) / Gamify your presentation with a quiz / Have a debate Campfire


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