Presentology Masterclass


Updating existing animated slides (2 Hours Onsite Training)

Presentology Overview: Once we’ve provided you with a ground breaking presentation why not teach yourself (or you staff / colleagues) how to easily update the presentation and make amazing new slides with a few mouse clicks.

Our trainer will spend just two hours showing you how to easily update your existing slides which we have delivered.  Only available for existing Audience Alive clients.


Presentology Masterclass includes:

  • Use the ‘Selection Pane’ to view and edit different layers
  • Rename objects on layers
  • Change images without affecting animations
  • Source images (Corporate library vs. online resources)
  • Change text & Kerning (and adjusting basic animations if required)
  • Add more slides (Using existing layouts or duplicating slides)
  • Insert and Trim videos (Linking vs. Embedding)
  • Save presentation in different formats (like Video, PDF)
  • Add file security (Password protection)
  • Presentology Overview

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