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Turning Technologies Systems Oman

Rent or Buy Turning Technologies Voting Systems in Oman

Optimized for small, medium & large presentation environments, our handheld voting system keypads take advantage of the latest in audience response technology advancements.

Our Rent or Buy Turning Technologies Voting System keypads provide features & functionality that ensure responses from tens to thousands are accurately, timely & effortlessly transmitted to the presenter. Turning Technologies Systems Oman for your live audience response and engagement.

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Rent Turning Technologies Voting Systems from Audience Alive

Turning Technologies Systems Oman

Voting System Rental Advantages:


Low cost


Engages everyone

Doesn’t need internet connection

Turning Technologies Systems Oman

Voting System Rental Disadvantages:

Easily pocketable

Examples of TT voting system use for your event:

  1. Conference – training – workshop – evaluation – product launch
  2. Meeting – opinion polls – surveys – evaluation – market research
  3. Business – brainstorming – action planning – sales strategy meetings -employee induction
  4. Council voting – AGM’s – elections – recruitment
  5. Team building – quizzes – staff training – trivia events – motivational events – staff meetings – knowledge testing

Top reasons to use TT live voting systems:

  1. Involve participants and increase memory retention by three to five times.
  2. Increase interest and participation with interaction.
  3. Show results instantly and increase involvement and enjoyment for both participants and presenters.
  4. Quality discussions on gaps in thinking that have been raised.
  5. Provide invaluable information and detail by reviewing evaluation and comparison.

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