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It all starts with the audience. They are ones clients are trying to either; inspire, inform or impress. So why then is so little time typically spent engaging them? The way we consume information is constantly evolving, and no longer do we have the time or patience to digest meaningless content that doesn’t stimulate us. Instead, we want relevant information at our fingertips, that’s concise and delivers its intended message fast. The rules of Audience Engagement have changed!

So, if you want to bring an audience alive at your upcoming event then you have to understand that the status-quo just isn’t enough. How are you going to capture their attention for the duration of your event, and in a memorable way?

By using the latest interactive tools and solutions to engage your audience and make your presentation, event, pitch or sales meeting successful.

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  • Increase in engagement 75% 75%
  • Increase in message retension 50% 50%
  • Increase in attendance 60% 60%
  • Increase in fun 100% 100%

Solutions to meet your needs and budget

Audience Alive provides its customers with a number of solutions to improve audience interactivity and engage people, including our specially designed event apps. Simply have attendees download your event app to their mobile devices, and you open up the floor to easy registration, real time voting and anonymous feedback, gamification, social networking, and a simple and convenient place to hold all relevant information (like brochures, agendas, itineraries, etc).

Our entire focus is digital, and cross platform, and to continually bring our customers audience engagement to the next level we are always exploring new technologies. As with all of our presentation and event solutions, we cater to our customers needs and what method of interactivity will work best in engaging their specific audience. That means that not all scenarios will lend themselves to the very latest in digital interactive technology, and sometimes a clean and simple solution, like an autonomous keypad, might just do the trick. Our team will be happy to advise the correct solution for your needs and budget.


Thanks for being our meeting architects! We could not have done it without you!


We loved everything you did for us! The slides, training, voting, app and most of all the quiz. You set the bar for our next event! 


Great ideas to DISRUPT the norm at my conferences, meetings and events!

Why Audience Alive?

When you use the audience engagement specialists at Audience Alive, you are expanding the reach and effectiveness of your presentation or event. We understand what it takes to truly engage people, to promote audience networking and to create a memorable and persuasive message. It all starts with thinking from the mind of an audience – what would we like to see? What would make us digest your message and act upon it? What will engage us? 

No event is too big or too small for the team at Audience Alive. Since 2001 we have been fine tuning our methods and technologies to ensure our customers continually achieve their number one goal: audience engagement.

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