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Did you know that 30 million PowerPoint™ presentations are delivered every day? Most are poorly conceived, with little time spent on developing structure, content and design. Imagine presentations where messages are considered as a whole, with your objectives in mind. Audience Alive™ is all about effective presentation design. We turn bullet points into visuals. We turn isolated presentations into a rich tapestry of ideas and cross-references.

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Ban the bullet point

Today’s presentations are lists of bullet points – boring to write, let alone to sit through. Hundreds of slides, thousands of bullet points. Mind-numbing for the audience.

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Engage your audience

Our presentations are so engaging they will blow your audience away. You’ll see this in their faces and feel it in the energy in the room.

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Present with impact

If you’d like to present with impact, keeping your audience actively engaged throughout your presentation, you are in the right place.

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Be different

You will never find one of our presentations with four bullet points and a picture. A consistent theme throughout with a heavy emphasis on image superiority and branding is more our style.

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If time is your enemy

Most people today can use existing software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Flash and Prezi, but who has the time to build a presentation worthy of ovation? We do.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let us do it for you. We have done the thinking so you don’t have to. Our impact will be evident on the faces of your next audience – We promise they will thank you.

Tell Us What You Need - Only Takes 2 Minutes!

What we do – We are Presentation Professionals

We’re presentation design experts who are trusted by the worlds top brands. We’ll ensure your presentation will have a carefully designed, consistent and polished look. We can work from a storyboard, text files, or a simple outline. Your content combined with our creativity and professional design experience will result in an effective presentation with IMPACT. We can design a custom template that your company can use, or we can produce the entire presentation for you from start to finish.

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million presentations each day

slides delivered every second somewhere in the world


percent of companies have a presentation strategy


increase in sales by using an effective pitch deck

Choose the right solution for your presentation


Need a creative presentation in Arabic? Our team are adept at creating presentations in Arabic using the correct dialects. We can also help with a multi-language presentations (such as English and Arabic) on the same slide. This allows the presenter to deliver in English whilst the audience enjoys the presentation in Arabic. On the right is an example of our Arabic work:


Many clients are moving away from linear-based PowerPoint™ towards interactive app-style presentations. This encourages greater responsiveness and buy-in from the audience. Audience Alive™ offers this type of presentation made in PowerPoint™ so it can be easily updated by your team. On the right is such an example:


Infographics are a current trend we love, since they condense content into a simple form. We create infographics from existing supplied presentations, removing many bullet points in the process.

On the right are some examples and you can also download a sample here:


If your time is limited and you just need a quick presentation design upgrade, our facelift service can improve your existing template and add improved animation.You can also choose from pre-created, richly animated templates. Send us your existing PowerPoint™ and we’ll return a presentation with impact. The example here shows us face-lifting a slide from a bulleted list to words-in-tables.


If you have a little more time, a presentation makeover will provide you with a new template customised to your needs. This includes imagery, tables, charts and graphs. Combining professional design with leading edge technology, we take your presentation to a whole new level. In this example we show one of our favorite makeovers.


If you need a full library of pre-created slides which can be instantly brought together to make an impactful presentation, this solution is for you. It results in never having to create a last-minute presentation, as the slides can be easily pulled together quickly.

This option can also include creating a PowerPoint™ corporate template which can be used within your organisation, creating consistency.


If you are organising a conference we can offer the following full-service options:

1. Content management: We manage all event content using our web-app solution.

2. Speaker paper management: The paper version of a speaker’s presentation is controlled by us and the latest version is displayed on the day.

3. Introduction animation: we produce a customised introduction to start your conference with the WOW! Factor.

4. Wrapper presentation: this contains all agendas, speaker bios, breaks and an interactive event survey.


Add a well-scripted multilingual voiceover to your presentation and stand back to watch it run automatically. This can be created for the introduction alone or for the entire talk. It can be easily updated as the PowerPoint™ files can be revised and reused.

It can also be exported as a video for use on a website or trade stand, or integrated into tablets.

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