Data Visualization Training Course

Learn how to effectively show data in a visually clear and understandable way.

Did you know that humans have created more data in the past 5 years than in the past 5000 years combined!

The goal of data visualization is to communicate data quickly and effectively so that informed decisions can be made. The increasing wave of data coupled with reduced attention spans means that it is more vital than ever to not just present numbers, but the story of those numbers—and to do it visually.

Present your data

As presenters we have lots of knowledge to communicate. However most presenters consider a data dump to be the way to get their message across. They hope that if they present lots of data some it may stick. But this is not true as audiences are suffering from data overload and the result is boredom in the boardroom!

At AudienceAlive we teach you to identify and communicate the story and meaning of your data to your audiences as opposed to just putting numbers and tables up on a screen.

Avoid the defaults

This course addresses when and how to properly use basic chart formats, along with knowing when to avoid the typical default solutions such as pie charts and multi-colored bar charts. The importance of direct labeling, data point highlighting and the reduction of “chart defaults” are covered in depth.


Visualize your data:

Attendees will be shown how to visualize their data in a clear and effective manner using Excel and PowerPoint. In addition to working with traditional charts, participants will also learn how to create more unique graphs and convert them to stories using animated icons and infographics.

Data Visualization Training Course

Learn how to do the below (use the arrows and see before and after)

What you will learn:

An introduction to how to design basic information visualizations

What makes a good information visualization

How to apply a range of basic and complex information visualization techniques

How the eye and the brain function together to deliver imagery, and how it affects information visualization design

How to avoid the common problems of visual perception in your designs

How to evaluate the effectiveness of an information visualization

Data Visualization Training Course

Data visualization training

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