We’ve all sat in enough boring meetings and conferences to last us a lifetime…
If you could design any meeting what would you do?

How about some of the meeting architecture methods ideas below…

1. The People’s Choice – The audience choose who presents from a list of topics

2. Arena – everyone sits in a circle format with presenter at the centre – the audience each has a Tablet and use www.ideaflight.com

3. Debate – an onstage debate where the audience vote before and after and also for who presents

4. Poets – Presenters present by means of a personal written poem or limerick lasting four stanzas of four lines.

5. Pecha Kucha – 20slides delivered in 20seconds each (ie 6mins per presentation)

6. 10,20,30 – 10 slides delivered in 20 minutes with no fontsize less than 30points

7. Stand or Lie – no seats – Just cocktail tables and beanbags

8. Zumba – The Presenter leads a Zumba class onstage whilst the audience participate (only kidding)
Let us know your ideas !


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