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One app, all devices!

We can provide an optimized mobile event app that doesn’t require you to download it from an app store.

It detects which type of device you are using and runs seamlessly on any web enabled device, ensuring all attendees access the mobile conference app regardless what mobile unit they use.

Event owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their events’ return on investment while boosting value and improved experience for attendees.

An active and engaged audience translates into higher quality meetings, better feedback and a stronger connection with the corporate brand.

Mobile technology is a fundamental catalyst that is changing the way meetings are planned and managed, and is dramatically improving audience engagement at events around the world. Mobile conference event apps can provide flexible, scalable and customizable platforms that can be used as effectively for internal employee events as it can for external customer or partner conferences. And it can provide all participants with a growing suite of services that were never before available; creating a new channel that transforms events into dynamic, year-long conversations.

We design custom apps for your event!

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Consider the following requirements for most attendees at a conference, trade show or meeting:


Conference-goers need some basic tools to navigate and participate in the event including maps, exhibitor directories, video players, conference agendas, itineraries, calendars, floor plans, wayfinders, networking devices, and methods for responding to polls and completing evaluations. A mobile phone event app provides them with a single platform for accessing these services.


Attendees have to justify the time and resources spent during the event either to themselves or their supervisors. To do so, they look for ways to consume the event via handouts, collateral, contact information, photos or session notes. Using a broad range of technologies embedded in the event app framework, users can collect data and information to justify their investment in the event. For instance your mobile event app could include scanners, PDF readers, near field communication chips, beacon receivers and SMS messaging – all tools that can help to easily manage the content and resources consumed over the course of your event.


Connecting during meals, at the bar, on the trade show stand or serendipitously in the hallways deepens the relationships between attendees or between attendees and exhibitors. Matchmaking, calendaring, social media, lead retrieval and social discovery features in a mobile event app facilitate interaction and meaningful engagement. It’s not just conferences or work seminars we’re talking about here either. We are creating event apps to increase interactivity and attendee satisfaction both in professional and informal situations. For instance, a specially designed concert app that incorporates real time audience engagement, social media promotion and overall satisfaction of the venue, employees and performance is an area that can be explored with Audience Alive’s interactive event apps.


Many professionals participate in polls, Q & A sessions, Twitter feeds, text walls, broadcast messaging, games, crowdsourcing, and a variety of collaborative activities. An interactive event app provides attendees with ways to express their opinions, offer advice and demonstrate their leadership and expertise.

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With second and third generation event apps, attendees and event planners are not the only groups that benefit. For example, sponsors, in addition to having a broader range of promotional offerings to choose from, can now receive more information about attendees. The data can be provided to them in detailed reports that go above and beyond impressions, clickthroughs or views. With a conference app the success of sponsorships is now highly verifiable. Event apps can provide exhibitors with exposure to potential customers that may or may not have the opportunity to visit their stand. They can do so in a variety of formats (PDFs, MS Word documents, videos, website links).

An event app is the bit of spice that will turn your event from the status-quo into a truly transformative, engaging and interactive show. It leaves a continuing impression on attendees, streamlines the whole process of registration and collaboration and allows them to recap on their participation in an easy, convenient way. The benefits to your company are endless, including the potential cost reduction and minimization of resources. But perhaps most importantly, the level of audience satisfaction will certainly be brought to a whole new level with the use of Audience Alive’s innovative event apps.[/expand]

Meets sustainability objectives by reducing paper and printing
Offers a potential reduction in operational costs
Paves the way for access to new customers
Increases competitiveness with other events
Extends existing event assets and platforms such as attendee management, registration, check-in, ticketing and e-commerce
Delivers rich event analytics
Enables productivity gains
Improves and simplifies information distribution

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