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Web Based Event App

One app, all devices! An optimised mobile event app that doesn’t require you to download it. It detects which type of mobile phone you are using and runs seamlessly on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia. In addition, it runs on any tablet device, such as iPad, Surface, Galaxy, ensuring all attendees access the mobile conference app regardless what mobile device they use.

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Event App Advantages:

Low cost
Works on any smart device

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Event App Disadvantages:

Requires Internet connectivity
Someone may not have a smartphone

Meets sustainability objectives by reducing paper and printing

Offers a Potential reduction in operational costs 

Paves the Way for access to new customers

Increases competitiveness with other events

Extends existing event assets and platforms such as attendee management, registration, check-in, ticketing and e-commerce

Delivers rich event analytics

Enables productivity gains


Improves and simplifies information distribution

Top reasons to use a mobile event app:

1.Increase participation and engagement.
Interact with your delegates using polls and surveys. Use for on-location event surveys or integrate the live results onscreen to crowd-source session content.

2. Help attendees get connected. 
Use the power of social media and access to delegates’ profiles on mobile devices to help them connect with each other before, during and after the event. Delegate bios, profile pictures and social media links allow for effective networking.

3. Generate revenue while going green.
Give sponsors new advertising opportunities to enhance branding and exposure. Generate revenue by offering mobile banner ads, enhanced exhibitor listings, document uploads, mobile coupons and QR codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between web vs. native apps?

A native app is one which the user downloads via their app store. The app is considered truly native if the information within it can be accessed without an Internet connection. A web app is essentially a mobile web page which is optimised for smartphone navigation. Users input the web app url to access the content. Access to the Internet is required to access the app, however once accessed the user has the option to download the data into the phone’s cache and navigate the app without connecting to the Internet.

What are the benefits of a web app over a native app?

A web app will be a more cost effective solution as it doesn’t require customisation for each type of smartphone. It will also be quicker to build as it doesn’t need to be submitted for approval to each app store. From the user’s perspective it will be quicker to access as there is no download from the app store.

What is the likely uptake of apps by my attendees?

The uptake ranges from 50% – 85%. The uptake will depend on how well the app is promoted in the lead up to, and at, the event. It can also be influenced by the functionality you choose to include within the app. We can advise and assist you in maximising the uptake for your event.

How much time does it take to get an audience response onscreen?

Typically between one and sixty seconds depending on the number of Keypads.

Can I make changes to the content within the app myself?

Yes, we can give you access to the content management system of your choice. This way, you can ensure any changes to
the event information are instantly updated at any time – before, during or after the event.

Don’t Be Shy

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