The Brief

The design team at MBIE are often called on to spruce up presentations at the last minute. These presentations are use to promote the work they do for their clients.
They identified that they would like to cover the following areas:
1. Understand the technical tips and tricks to make slick looking presentations.
2. Find ways to ensure messaging is easily understood and retained.
3. Tips and tricks on formatting and structuring presentations.

The Solution

AudienceAlive trained key members of staff on the concept of Presentology. Attendees left the course with key tools and techniques which change their presentations forever.

The Verdict:

The team at MBIE gave the training a 5-Star rating. Below are some of the comments received:

I really loved all the content delivered by Johnny, it was excellent and so engaging and helpful.
Real solutions for everyday improvement.
I loved learning new things. I can’t wait to get better/quicker. It really is about thinking differently.
Loved that we didn’t just sit and listen, we got to try things as you taught them, and you gave us tips as we went along.
Very slick John. You have years of experience but it helped to give an absolute novice some inspiration. It was fun and accessible.
I learnt a lot about PowerPoint and feel much more confident using this to create effective presentations. Thanks!
Very informative and engaging, thank you! A highlight was problem solving by looking at how to reimagine dated slides and seeing what else can be achieved. Simple solutions that go a long way!
Loved the presenter’s knowledge of the topic and use of innovative ideas to get the message across.

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