Quotations offer a kind of social proof to support the claims you make in your talk. The well-known people who said each quote make your message more credible. And during your presentations, well-chosen quotes make your talk stand out and look more professional because so few presenters use them. Here’s top 8 reasons, why you should use quotes in your next presentation.

1. Launch Ideas: Inspiring quotes may also entice your audience to come up with new ideas or fresh ways of taking on a project or solving problems. Consider using quotes in group settings for brainstorming and coming up with fresh ideas.

2. Inspire: Whatever you are presenting on, your goal should be to inspire and make your audience excited about your ideas, plans, products etc. What better way to accomplish this than using an inspirational quote that reaffirms your position? Put that cherry on top.

3. Lead the way: Guide your audience to a certain framework or path. Sometimes it is especially helpful to use quotes to address a problem indirectly and motivate your team members to overcome obstacles.

4. Strengthen Your Ideas: Quotes are a second voice in your presentation that can strengthen your arguments, claims and ideas. Usually a quote is either prevailing because of who said it or because of the impact of the quote itself. A simple idea said by someone well-known may influence the audience to view a subject in a fresh light.

5. Enhance Your Credibility: Give your audience reassurance that you are an expert in the field, that you are a researcher, that you have domain knowledge and that you know what’s current. Quoting other experts also shows that you are prepared and acknowledges other people’s work that may in turn reinforce your own claims.

6. Reaffirm: Quotes can also bring a nice summary to your claims. Bring your conclusions back to square one and reaffirm what you’ve just told your audience.

7. Add variety: Let’s face it, long, heavy duty, information-packed presentations need some wake up calls now and then. Why not insert a little inspiring, thought provocation in-between? Refrain from becoming too dry and add some variety!

8. Be Memorable: Quotations are usually in a concise and memorable format. (That’s why we use quotations in the first place, right?)


So there you have it – 8 reasons for using quotes in your presentations. Thanks to Andrew Dlugan for publishing his great list of 21 tips, and I hope you find all 27 tips handy!