The Gulf Intelligence Energy Markets Forum is an annual event Attended by the Gulf’s top 200 industry leaders in the marketing, trading, and shipping of energy. One of the largest high-level industry events held in UAE, with presence from Government sector, UAE Energy, and International Stakeholders.

We were required to bring the interactive element to the conference where audience can be part of the discussion by participating in live polls. The client also required us to provide a solution where attendees can interact with each other electronically and access all the event information digitally like up-to-date session details, speaker bios and background reading material.

We facilitated the audience interaction and panel surveys by providing live voting system. The live voting surveys are one of the key highlights of these events as Gulf Intelligence uses the polling results to analyze the industry trend and expert opinion. The client also publish these analysis in their industry reports, case studies and white papers. As part of enhancing attendee event experience, we provided an interactive smartphone app featuring the latest updates from the event, speaker bios and speeches, personalized agendas, articles, case studies and background reading material, attendee networking with messaging functionality.