Presentations have evolved substantially over the last number of years but many presenters have not moved with the times. Presentations used to be almost exclusively 2 dimensional and presented in a linear format

By creating a non-linear presentation you can now navigate and access any point of your presentation through the addition of hyperlinks. You can contextually deliver ideas, products and services to your audience. In the below presentation we created for FAMCO we used the home page as the root of the presentation giving you the ability to further drill down into products and services according to your audiences response by doing this you generate greater engagement.

You are now totally in control and no longer have to exit your presentation or drastically click through it to find a section.  You can now bring your audience alive with contextual presentations.

Three quick ways to contextually deliver your presentation:

  1. Use hyperlinks to manoeuvre through your presentation or
  2. Allow your audience to control your presentation using conditional branching
  3. Crowd source your content using audience response technologies

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