PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

All too often we spend our time focusing on communicating in depth technical concepts to clients when in actual fact what we should be focusing on his simple straightforward skills that will aid the average user in their day-to-day use of technology. Today, whilst training a team of senior managers in government I was surprised to learn that a lot of them do not have the basic skills required to operate a computer. Really ? I hear you say 🙂 so let’s focus on something incredibly simple today with PowerPoint Tips & Tricks:

Selecting text in a text box in PowerPoint

When you insert text in a textbox on a PowerPoint slide you have the option of either double clicking on the word which will select the individual word or triple clicking on the word which will select the sentence. You can then change and formatted it as required. Another simple trick that is easily overlooked is simply to hit the escape key on the keyboard which will select select the entire text box. This people have told me this is something that they have never been told before! 

Now you know!

Author: John Quinn
powerpoint tips & tricks

powerpoint tips & tricks