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We’ve all experienced the near death-by-PowerPoint experience…

How many times have you sat in a meeting or conference willing it to end and wondering why the presenter is bothering to bore you to death with an uninteresting, boring presentation? If only they had found and used some passion in their presentation it all would have been so much more fun.


Presentations are useless without PASSION

As a Presentologist, I can teach you how to tell a story. I can teach you how to design a gorgeous PowerPoint slide. I can teach you how to use your voice and body language more effectively. Effective stories, slides and body language are important components of a persuasive presentation, but they are useless if the presenter has no passion. The first step to inspiring others is to inspire yourself. Ask yourself “what makes your heart sing” ? Once you discover your underlying passion, the way you present your slides and your stories will have meaning. You will connect with the audience more profoundly than you ever thought possible. You will have the confidence to deliver the presentation of your life.


Below is our formula for finding passion in your storytelling (fortunately it spells Passion!)

Presence – You need presence onstage and in your storytelling – the audience want to listen to you so start and end with presence and your stories will have an impact.

Altruism – Find a higher cause and selflessly communicate it with your audience – This will bring you true meaning and help you never forget your story.

Simple – “simple is not stupid” Avoid the urge to over complicate your story and slides and audiences will give you an ovation.

Smart – Audiences want to hear and be wow’d at the clever nature of your message and slides.  Be the expert in your subject and you’ll exude confidence.

Incisive – Cut to the heart of the matter quickly and give your message clearly – Audiences love this!

Open – Have an open posture onstage and and an open and clear message.

Novel – Audiences love it when they hear something new and exciting – You’ll feel the energy rise in the room.


Finally – master storytelling to bring your audience alive! – The best stories recount something personal and have emotion embedded within them.


“Stories are just data with a soul”


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Author: John Quinn

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