Great storytellers generally use a combination of their voice, body language and the story itself to stimulate the imagination of the audience. However can we further develop are impact by using a prop? Let’s look at how to visually tell your story with use of props.

As part of our presentation skills training we discuss the importance of props as a way of visually representing something, a way of connecting with your audience and making your presentation overall, more memorable.

Props allow you to stimulate other senses; when you bring a physical prop it gives the audience an appreciation for the shape, weight , color or texture of the prop. However be sure that the prop adds meaning to your presentation and doesn’t dilute your message.

Below is a simple but powerful example of a prop being used. Watch how Bill Gates builds up his story and then introduces the prop to drive home an important message. 

Watch here

Props are a powerful tool in any presenters presentation, but please don’t think of props as only useful for large presentations. Props can be used in any type of meeting or communication to help you convey a message. This may feel unnatural at first but once you see their impact, you wont look back. Visually tell your story with use of props to entertain and engage your audience.

5 Questions to ask before using a prop in your next presentation.

  1. What message am I trying to convey?
  2. Is the prop linked and relevant to my overall message?
  3. Do you want to showcase an actual model or use a metaphor to convey your message?
  4. Will all the audience be able to see it?
  5. Does it add impact to your presentation?

Have fun with it, you are only limited by your imagination.

John Quinn

visually tell your story with use of props

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